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This Trend Can MAKE or BREAK a Brand with music

When I talk to brands and manufacturers, they're still very comfortable and cosy DOING BUSINESS THE TRADITIONAL WAY. They're still comfortable to participate in exhibitions to find distributors and wholesalers. They're still comfortable...

Ecommerce Can Accelerate Your Brand Licensing Opportunity

You can accelerate your brand licensing opportunity by going directly to consumers with your merchandising to help build a following. Once you have a following, others will pay for using your brand. No more relying on expensive TV ads,...

Whats Next for Revenue Growth Management with Rocco Kellevink

Want to establish a first class Revenue Growth Management capability within your organisation to DRIVE THE GROWTH it deserves? Then watch this special episode of BRICK & CLICK interview hosted by Sahaj Kothari with special guest RoccoKellvink, Global Senior...

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