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We help Brands & Manufacturers Sell Directly-To-Consumers Across 26 Markets In Europe


The year 2017 saw one of the highest levels of the high street shops going bust or closing across UK and Europe.

Consumers are increasingly going digital

The year 2017 saw one of the highest levels of the high street shop going bust or closing across UK and Europe.

Traditional retailers are being squeezed

With increasing levels of both online and offline competition, retailers are constantly squeezing margin and ROI

Retailers have lower appetite to 'test' your product

Retailers heavily rely on mainstream brands and/or own private label, leaving minimal capacity to experiement with new range like yours.


Helping you BRAND – MARKET – SELL – DISTRIBUTE across 26 markets in Europe.

We BRAND & MARKET your product online to build your product visibility and brand equity

We SELL your product online on our 50+ partnering E-commerce sites and/or via your own websites

We can help DISTRIBUTE your product to customers using our fulfilment partners, or you can do it yourself

As long as you have a great product, there is demand for it and production is not an issue, we can help you reach more people, serve more people and build a strong brand equity across Europe along the way.



Electronics & Office

One of the biggest categories online including electronic gadgets, camera, headphones, stationery & office supplies and more

Fashion & Accessories

One of the most popular categories including clothing, shoes, watches, sunglasses, bags, jewelry and more.

Health & Beauty

One of the fastest growing categories including supplements, skin care, men’s grooming, personal care and luxury beauty.

Toys & Baby

Tapping into a growing generation of parents buying online for their children on a regular basis, including toys, baby fashion & accessories and more

Homeware & Petcare

Ideal for online shopping due to bulky in nature. Includes kitchen & appliances, dining, bedding, arts & craft and more

Ambient Food

Ambient food range, those that can be stored at room temperature, includes essentials such as sauces, soups, confectionery, cereals, beverages and more





EU E-Commerce Channel Supported


Our experience in the online marketplace allows us to build successful online brands and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving online landscape. We follow a 3 phase approach:

1. Rapid Product Testing

Learn and avoid expensive mistakes by testing your products and marketing concepts in a controlled environment before your launch

2. Product Launch Booster

Accelerate your online sales from ZERO to BEST SELLER in less than a month, with our unique Product Launch Booster Formula.

3. Product Scale Amplifier

With our unique Product Amplifier Formula, we can help you increase your market reach and customer acquisition rate

Phase 1. Rapid Product Testing

STOP if you are about to launch your product online without testing the market. It will save you a ton of money, time and disappointment. We will test your product and/or marketing concept in a controlled environment to optimise your go-to-market strategy, marketing or even product features: 


Market Intelligence & Product Feedback

Gain real market intelligence and feedback from real buyers. What do they like about your product? Why would they buy it?

Customer Segmentation & Profiling

Build your customer profile and market demand segmentation based on real buyer behaviours

Competitor Insights

Gain insight into secret competitor strategy and marketing campaigns – where are they marketing, how are they selling? (invisible to the general public)

Build your initial product following

Build a following even before you officially go live and/or commit to market in a BIG way, so that you can reach out to them with new exciting new offers

Optimise your product launch plan

Build a suit of potential recommendations and options for optimising your product launch

Phase 2. Product Launch Booster

Accelerating your online sales from ZERO to BEST SELLER with our unique Product Amplifier Formula. As competition continues to increase online, the only way to launch a sustainable, wildly profitable product online is to capitalize on every customer interaction and leverage analytics to beat the market 

Boost reach & sales in 26+ European market

Out-rank and outsell the competition with our tried-and-true strategy for page one top-ranking visibility.

Product listing optimisation

Get strategic, sales-inducing, keyword-rich content from our Amazon Listing Specialists. Our powerful approach allows you to determine your optimal price point, images, title, and description that make your listing the most sales and profit!

Brand story

Drive clicks and conversions with stunning brand images and videos and strategically intended customer reviews that tell a story and accentuate each product feature

Seamless customer experience

A well-designed customer journey for a seamless and quality customer experience to nurture repeat pruchases

Targetted marketing campaign

A targetted and customised marketing campaign to increase product awareness, retention and sales (penetration)

Phase 3. Product 10X Scale Amplifier

This is where it gets serious about dominating your market category online. With our in-depth proven digital marketing strategies, we can help accelerate sales and market penetration. 

Aggressive sales growth strategy deployed

Analytic-driven market expansion strategy – helping your product penetrate both direct and in-direct categories

Dynamic customer acquisition rate

Say hello to an automated and scalable customer acquisition and nurturing dream system.

Turn early adopters into brand advocates

We incentivise current buyers to help spread the ‘good’ word about your products to few of their friends.

Multi-level and multi-platform marketing

A strategically designed marketing campaign to drive awareness, engagement and eventually SALES on the most relevant online platform for your target customer

OuR DIVERSE portfolio

From BIG to LEAN, From Global to Local, From Private to Public

Sahaj awarded as UK SME Top 10 Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

For the disruptive and innovative use of technology to drive real and pragramtic solutions

Awarded as the Best New Business 2016 Runner-up Merton

A story of Ensere from ZERO to becoming an industry disrupting and leading organisation.

Sahaj awarded as UK Top New Talent 2015 by 'The Grocer'

The Grocer, a 150 years old leading UK publication magazine, has identified Sahaj as one of the UK’s Top New Talent (TNT)

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