What lies between having a LIST
and generating SALES?

A perfectly crafted EMAIL SYSTEM


Engage with your leads and customers like never before. We help turn your email list into warm and active buyers.

WHY AUTOMATED EMAIL MARKETING is the perfect tool for businesses to build relationship with their leads or customers

Everyone uses EMAILS


95% on online consumers use email, and 91% of themcheck their emails everyday

Everyday from day and night


56% of smartphone users checks for new email messages immediately after waking up

Is a great conversion tool


32% of smart phone users who made a purchase after receiving a promotional email*

“The ONLY time email marketing doesn’t work is when people don’t do it the right way”



Emails landing in SPAM folder


Sending emails at the wrong time


Emails are not personalised


Too much overdoing with emails


Not sending enough emails


Emails are not relevant to readers


Trying to say too much in an email


Emails are not relevant to readers


Don't have a Call-To-Action


Not enough reason to open your email

Find out how BusinessBoost.xyz can help turn your LIST into SALES with Email Marketing

Design Customised Email Sequences

Communication is the heart and soul of a business. Email marketing works particularly well when executed as part of an integrated series of emails, as this builds a holistic customer experience and relationship.

Increase Open Rates and Engagement Rates By Upto 1000%

We craft amazing customised email content, designed to drive maximum engagement. A personalised, segmented and targeted campaign can create an uplift in brand awareness and drive conversions.   

AUTOMATE Your Email System

Our automated emails are timely, personalised and hyper-relevant to the reader. As a result, they are opened and clicked more frequently and drive visits and revenue for your business, whilst saving your business a ton of time.

Set Up Customised Email API Like The Way Big Brands Do

Now you can send automated emails as if they were coming from your domain , instead of any third party service providers like MailChimp or Aweber. This is how BIG brands do, and now you can too. 


Some of the ways we help you with

Write your content TEST

We craft emails in line with your business niche and requirement

Design and build email

We design and build high engaging  emails for mobile, desktop and tablets

Send and manage email

We monitor, analyse, optimise and report on all your campaigns

Find active leads

We regularly review and segment your LIST to show you who are likely to buy from you

Integrate with your CRM

Existing or new CRM, we help integrate our approach in your system

Set up custom email API

Now send automated emails from your own domains like the way BIG BRANDS do

Embed Email Forms

Build and manage email forms to ensure we capture the right information at the right time


Rest assured, we take care of all the things that you don’t want to. 


We bring our vast experience and knowledge from helping companies of varying sizes.

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