Get qualified on-demand leads every day straight into your inbox or call back requests in your calender.

Unlike a typical ‘agency model’, you only pay for LEADS without a complicated pricing structure. No Results – No Pay!

ZERO Setup Fees

ZERO On-going Management Fees

Ad-spend budget (Really!)

Funnel Cost


ABSOLUTELY! Just tell us how many leads you need, and we will give it to you on a regular basis 50 – 500 or even 1,000. These are FRESH NEW LEADS and you OWN 100% of these leads. If we can’t get you RESULTS we promise, we will continue to work for FREE for the rest of the month, or MONEY BACK – No questions asked! 

Think about WHAT you want to do in the first place with hiring a ‘typical’ expensive agencies (who comes without any guarantees), spending money on advertisement, setting up those technical funnels, creating time-consuming content and so on?

You do all of these to find CUSTOMERS for something you are passionate about. RIGHT?
That is why we introduced our LEAD PARTNERING model.


We invest a lot in the front end with all the advert creatives, funnels, ad-spend and on-going testing for you for FREE.  

WHY? We are looking to build a long-term relationship. We want to GROW with you.

WHY Facebook is the perfect platform for businesses to connect with their customers

Biggest Social Network

With over 900+ million active Facebook users worldwide, 35+ million of these being in the UK, ensures you're able to reach customers instantly

No.1 Online Activity 


Facebook accounts for 82.6% of all social media activity*. An average Facebook user spends 53 mins per day on the social network

No. 1 Lead Generation Tool

YES! Your customer leads are a click away with Facebook's one click lead generation trick... but it has to be set up in a particular way, else you will get poor quality leads

But Facebook is known for delivering LOW-QUALITY LEADS. Solution – You need a FACEBOOK FUNNEL!

Facebook Funnel is your on-demand qualified lead generator machine

An Automated Marketing System (A.M.S. for short – also known as a Sales Funnel) is a series of Ads, Educational Content, Email Communication, and Sales Presentations, all sequenced together to accomplish one thing – To automatically generate and qualify new prospects for your business.


You get to sit back while our team of experts use all the fancy technology stuff to make you look like a rockstar online, while getting traction and most importantly delivering you QUALIFIED LEADS only!





… Giving you the ULTIMATE SYSTEM to make you an AUTHORITY in your niche, generating ON-DEMAND QUALIFIED LEADS for your business on Autopilot using our DONE FOR YOU LEADS PARTNERING PROGRAMME





Fully Managed 100% DFY Facebook Funnel

We manage everything for you, from building Facebook Ads to monitoring their performance, from creative design to solving any technical glitches. We take care of all, so that you can focus on the results and on your business.

Build your on-demand, qualified lead generator machine

 Find more of your ideal customers with ease with our super targeted Facebook strategies.  The system will find your prospect, engage with them, learn about what they want and schedule a call back service for a time convenient for you.

We integrate and automate your Facebook funnel with your internal systems

We help different systems talk to each other. New leads directly connected with your CRM or triggering a customised email to a prospect, who have engaged with your content, but not scheduled a phone call.

Grow Your Brand. Beat Your Competition

We make your BRAND visible , engaging and memorable in the minds of your target audience. With our viral feature, your brand reaches far. We also monitor competitor’s online activities to develop a plan to surpass your competition. 

We cover the technicalities so you can focus on growing your business with the qualified leads you are about to receive…

Design and build adverts
We craft emails in line with your business niche and requirement
Manage ads spending
We constantly monitor and optimse your ads investment

Build custom audiences

We use our creativity and your inputs to build a super targeted  audience  for the campaign
Monitoring & Reporting
We preiodically share reports with you for complete visibility
Dynamic Product Ads
Show product ads to people who viewed your product pages
Set up remarketing

We help you re-engage the people who have visited your site

Pixel Implementation
Build and manage email forms to ensure we capture the right information at the right time
Rest assured, we take care of all the things that you don’t want to. 

OuR DIVERSE portfolio

From BIG to LEAN, From Global to Local, From Private to Public

Sahaj awarded as UK SME Top 10 Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

For the disruptive and innovative use of technology to drive real and pragramtic solutions

Awarded as the Best New Business 2016 Runner-up Merton

A story of Ensere from ZERO to becoming an industry disrupting and leading organisation.

Sahaj awarded as UK Top New Talent 2015 by 'The Grocer'

The Grocer, a 150 years old leading UK publication magazine, has identified Sahaj as one of the UK’s Top New Talent (TNT)


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