We help Brands & Manufacturers To Sell Directly-To-Consumers

Across 26 Markets In Europe

Are you finding the traditional route to be


The year 2017 saw one of the highest levels of the high street shops closing or into administration across UK and Europe.

Consumers are increasingly going digital

The year 2017 saw one of the highest levels of the high street shop going bust or closing across UK and Europe.

Traditional retailers are being squeezed

With increasing levels of both online and offline competition, retailers are constantly squeezing margin and ROI

Retailers have lower appetite to 'test' your product

Retailers heavily rely on mainstream brands and/or own private label, leaving minimal capacity to experiement with new range like yours.



Helping you BRAND - MARKET - SELL - DISTRIBUTE across 26 markets in Europe.

We BRAND & MARKET your product online to build your product visibility and brand equity

We SELL your product online on our 50+ partnering E-commerce sites and/or via your own websites

We can help DISTRIBUTE your product to customers using our fulfilment partners, or you can do it yourself

As long as you have a great product, there is demand for it and production is not an issue, we can help you reach more people, serve more people and build a strong brand equity across Europe along the way.

What Will Be Your Reason For Selling Directly-To-Consumers?

It is NOT just about GROWTH, but SURVIVAL too.

Consumers are changing, and so should you.

Accelerate Sales

The traditional channel can be slow and tough with distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Why not take control and sell directly to consumers?


Enter New Markets

Want to expand into more numbers of markets without the BIG price tag and hassel of the traditional retail model. Here you go...


Improve Margins

Going directly to consumers can help reduce the number of 'middlemen', which usually mean better margins for your brands. That is always good. Isn't it?


Test New Product (Concepts)

Have new product ideas? Why not test them in a controlled environment before a full scale launch (offline or online)

Gain Digital INSIGHTS

Learn fast, grow fast - this is your secret competitive weapon. Don't assume what your shoppers like in your product, your marketing or your company. Just know it!

Improve Brand Activation

If only, retailers could truly activate your brand in-store the way you wished. Now you can exactly do that - online. Finally showcase your brand the way you want.

Supporting Multiple Industries 

Leveraging our 50+ EU Online Distribution Channels & Partners

Electronics & Office

One of the biggest categories online including electronic gadgets, camera, headphones, stationery & office supplies and more

Fashion & Accessories

One of the most popular categories including clothing, shoes, watches, sunglasses, bags, jewelry and more.

Health & Beauty

One of the fastest growing categories including supplements, skin care, men’s grooming, personal care and luxury beauty.

Toys & Babycare

Tapping into a growing generation of parents buying online for their children on a regular basis, including toys, baby fashion & accessories and more

Homeware & Petcare

Ideal for online shopping due to bulky in nature. Includes kitchen & appliances, dining, bedding, arts & craft and more

Ambient Food

Ambient food range, those that can be stored at room temperature, includes essentials such as sauces, soups, confectionery, cereals, beverages and more





EU E-Commerce Channel Supported

OuR DIVERSE portfolio

From BIG to LEAN, From Global to Local, From Private to Public

Sahaj awarded as UK SME Top 10 Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

For the disruptive and innovative use of technology to drive real and pragramtic solutions

Awarded as the Best New Business 2016 Runner-up Merton

A story of Ensere from ZERO to becoming an industry disrupting and leading organisation.

Sahaj awarded as UK Top New Talent 2015 by 'The Grocer'

The Grocer, a 150 years old leading UK publication magazine, has identified Sahaj as one of the UK’s Top New Talent (TNT)

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