This is the BEST TIME In the History Of Mankind for Brands to Grow & Expand Internationally, Despite any BREXIT or Economic Uncertainty.

The digital age provides a whole new way to how a brand could choose to enter and expand new into markets. If you compare for example company ‘A’ growing with double digits versus those well-established brands as ‘B’ struggling despite being in the SAME industry, 9 out of 10 times, its because of how A is playing with the new rules of the digital age.

– Offline retail might closes doors by 6 pm. Online shop never sleeps
– Offline needs a HUGE infrastructure set up. Online is super scalable globally with just a few more clicks
– Offline has limited geographical coverage. With online, your world is within your reach
– Offline has a limited shelf space. An online catalogue is limitless!
& Many more…

Of course, building an E-commerce is not easy and requires a whole new skill set and infrastructure. However, if your consumers are changing, shouldn’t you do the same?

If Brexit is hurting, why not expand across 26 markets in Europe and beyond?

Comment if you agree or disagree.

Sahaj Kothari
Founder & CEO,
Ensere – Powering E-commerce For Brands